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This lesson plan is written using the 5E method of instruction.  Feel confident that you can take you students from beginning to end as they learn about plate tectonics.

You Need

Each 5E lesson comes with the following downloadable files: Objective and I CAN statement cards, Engagement Activity, Differentiated Station Lab, Editable Interactive PowerPoint, Interactive Notebook Templates, Modified Notes, Anchor Chart Ideas, Student Choice Projects, Homework Activity, Assessment (including modified)


The 5E lessons keep the students engaged with hands-on activities, student-led learning, and choice projects.  

Save Time

The 5E lessons are created by an award-winning classroom teacher. Save yourself loads of prep time and start focusing your energy on teaching the content.

Aligned with 

All of the 5E lessons are aligned to the middle school TEKS and middle school NGSS standards. For a complete alignment guide see the FAQ below.

  • 5E Lesson Overview
The overview video will show you exactly what you're going to get in each of the 5E lessons.
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